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My LiveJournal Account

You know you’re old school if you remember the glory days of LiveJournal back when it ruled the internet, yep that was before Facebook and Twitter and all the new ones that come out periodically these days. I remember that site from school almost a decade ago, it was the only one that wasn’t blocked back then. When Google+ really took off that wasn’t blocked either and we ended up all migrating there but I decided to go back to basics and I joined LiveJournal today.

Why do I need a second blog? After all, I have this one and I also have Tumblr for blogging, but I’m seeking a more diary-type platform for certain things. This here was originally started as a social issues blog but it has turned into a jumbled up mix of just about everything and I have no intentions of changing that whatsoever, but there’s some stuff I just want separate. It’s not private, it’s out there for the world to read, even for the Russian government to spy on, but I want that mundane and depressing stuff away from this here. This here is passionate and political Meela, my LiveJournal will be deep dark inner thoughts Meela.

Real humanity presents a mixture of all that is most sublime and beautiful with all that is vilest and most monstrous in the world. ~Mikhail Bakunin

The two Meelas are perfectly complimentary, but I would feel more comfortable keeping them separate on the web. It’s more convenient and comfortable for me too. For now let’s see where it goes… I also need to get my ass to writing my About page for this blog… I’ve been on here almost a year now so I might as well get to it.


Liberal Muslim, social justice and human rights activist, cat lover, author and fellow human.

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