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Quranist Perspectives & Quran-Only Islam

Although I am not a Quranist per se, I am definitely a Quran first Muslim and have a hard time accepting any passages from any Hadith book that does not have Quranic support to some degree. Although this blog is solely about my own beliefs and I don’t represent any group, nor am I a Quranist, my sympathies often lie with the Quranists on many issues and I thought it would be interesting to share how Quranists perceive things and their case for their definition of what true Islam is. Here I’m sharing two posts I found on Tumblr making the case for Quranism. Regardless of what you think, I hope that this opens your mind and motivate you to understand instead of judging.

Although Quranists may be the minority in the Muslim world, I think it’s very sad that they are often discriminated against and accused of being non-Muslim when in many instances they make more sense than most other Muslims. My primary Islamic influence is the Zaidiyya school of Shia Islam, and this is what we believe regarding the Hadith:

“Regarding the ahadith (reported sayings) of the prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) their authenticity is to be judged by comparing them with the principals laid down in the Holy Qur’an, and any reported sayings of the Prophet which contradict with the Qur’an in any way are invalid.” (Brother Owais).


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