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Lost Thoughts — Volume One: Cereal & Schizophrenia (English Version)

I get up out of my little hard bed and immediately go into the kitchen. Passing by the bathroom I pick up my pills to treat schizophrenia and depression. I take the two big blue containers from the medicine cabinet and look at them menacingly. I hate taking pills, especially with my breakfast! I squeeze the containers in between my fingers and walk to the end of the hallway where my usual bowl of cereal is waiting for me that my uncle lovingly prepares for me each morning ever since I’ve been living with him.

I shove the pill containers on the black table and go pick up my infamous bowl of cereal next to the kitchen sink. Usually my uncle places it on the table but this morning my bowl is on the counter next to a pint of milk tipped over and spilling onto the floor with cereal all over the place. It’s also odd that my uncle is not present to eat with me this morning. I bite my bottom lip and head over to grab my big bowl of Cheerios that is way too full before sitting down on the wooden chair that I hate so much. The wood surface is too hard and uncomfortable and is constantly breaking my back. That’s part of the reason why I’m always angry and frustrated in the morning.

I intensely look at my Cheerios floating around passively in the white milk without moving a muscle. Oddly, there isn’t a single sound in the entire house. After a few minutes of looking at my cereal I notice that the golden Cheerios are forming some kind of face that looks like my uncle’s. Disgusted, I abruptly get up and look around the room. My uncle wasn’t in the house. The fear and anxiety of being alone overcomes my little body only covered in an old black and white bathrobe. I swallow hard and look intensely around the room one more time. I walk around the table on the cold floor made of incredibly shiny white tiles in a fury for a few minutes before sitting back down on the chair.

I take an old fork from the table and forcefully squeeze it in my hands. I feel my blood pressure rise when I get angry. There is nothing that I hate more than eating alone and having to look at a mess of milk and cereal on the counter and the floor. I hate living in a dirty environment! I squeeze the hot and sweaty fork one last time before violently stabbing my cereal. The milk and the big Cheerios splash everywhere, subsequently making another mess. I cringe and throw the fork at the reddish wall of the kitchen with all of my might. I angrily look at my bowl of cereal while grabbing a handful of Cheerios with my fingers and shoving them in my mouth.

I try to savor the cereal with every fiber in my body but the milk is too hot and the Cheerios are too mushy. With each chew I become more and more disgusted. These cereals do not taste good, so I spit them onto the floor. I calm down a little realizing that there is nothing else to eat and my uncle still hasn’t arrived. With a sigh I grab the cereal and put them in my mouth one by one. They don’t taste good, but I’m hungry so I eat them anyway.

After finishing the bowl and still being more or less angry, I get up and go look for my uncle. I walk towards his room but instead of finding his bedroom door, I come face to face with a white wall. There is a slight bizarre sound, like a broken TV, so I hit the wall and get an electric shock after my hand hit the wall. Stupefied, I look at my hand in surprise and horror. My little white hand is still intact. I then look at the wall with big eyes full of rage. I don’t know if my eyes are playing tricks on my but the wall seems to be moving now.

I run to the other side of the hallway all the way to the kitchen and I grab my big yellow and green bowl of cereal, still half-full. With the Cheerios in my hands, I throw the bowl at the weird wall and in starts to melt right in front of my horrified big blue eyes. The wall reveals some sort of holographic projections on which I can see my uncle preparing me my bowl of cereal early this morning. He puts down my bowl of Cheerios on the kitchen counter to pour in some milk when a big black thing comes out of the bowl and vacuums him up. I don’t notice is the projection keeps rolling but either way I need to find a way to bring my uncle back into this world!

I walk towards the kitchen but I stop abruptly in the middle of the hallway. I look behind me and notice the bowl of cereal on the floor next to the white wall. In that moment I realize that I had just eaten my uncle! I quickly make my way to the bowl and I pick up as many pieces of cereal as I can but most of them had already been eaten or melted in the wall. As I put each little piece of half-eaten Cheerios into the bow, the black thing comes out of it and retransforms itself into my uncle, but he didn’t have a head!

I quickly grab the box of Cheerios and the spilled pint of milk. I start putting some into the bowl but nothing happens. I start crying into the bowl as I take it into my hands and place it on the counter where my uncle had put it this morning. In that moment the mysterious black thing comes back out of the bowl and vacuums me up as well.


Liberal Muslim, social justice and human rights activist, cat lover, author and fellow human.

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