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I’m On My Way To Getting Published!

Indeed, I am. I’m still incredibly early in the publishing process and I still have so much to learn and to get done before my first book comes out but we’ll be getting there soon enough! A while back I was cleaning out old files on my computer and discovered a ton of my old poetry and since I’ve wanted to publish something of my very own for an eternity I decided, why not?

It might give me the motivation and the confidence to finish up some old stories that were also discovered on my computer to also be published sometime in the future. I’m already off to a good start in getting the first draft of one together so this is definitely something I look forward to getting done and that I’m actively working on right now. Below is what the cover of the poetry book looks like so far.

I gave myself a big pat on the back for creating that all by myself, albeit that I had tons of help from Canva and online tutorials. 😉 There are no words to say just how much I’ve wanted this for so long and it looks like 2018 will finally be the year in which all of my dreams (or one of them at the very least) will come true!

Stay tuned for some more updates as I make more progress. Right now I don’t actually have much of a timeline and much less of a plan so I guess we’ll just find out when we get there. This is also be a good learning tool for me when it comes to the world of publishing so hopefully everything will be as great as I imagine it!


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