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Lost Thoughts — Volume One: Josephine

I remember the first time my gaze came across her beautiful dark brown eyes and her brown hair. I didn’t need to have any second thoughts. I knew from that very second that she was the one, the one I wanted to be with forever. My heart sank in the pit of my chest when our looks crossed and were locked together. The moment seemed to last forever in the instant it happened. I swore I stopped breathing for the few seconds we looked at each other. The world around me had stopped turning completely. She was the only thing I wanted, she was the only thing I needed. As I slowly approached her, she turned to look at me and smiled. Her smile made my heart explode, I swore it could have lit up the whole world.

“Hi, I’m Josephine,” she introduced herself to my in her velvet voice.

It was almost like singing as her crystal clear words sank into my brain. My heart skipped a beat as I heard her speak to me.

“Josephine,” I whispered, “I’m Albert.”
“Hi Albert, would you like to dance?” she asked me in her always charming and sexy crystal clear voice.

I swallowed hard. She had me hostage of those beautiful eyes. I got lost in them looking for the road to her heart. Before I could speak a single word she already had placed her hand into mine leading me onto the dance floor. She then placed her hands around my neck and shoulders. I placed mine around her waist and let the music do the rest. Josephine had such a passionate gleam coming from the center of her beautiful eyes. I took one of my hands to swipe her hair out of her face to get a better look at her.

I let my fingers trail down her neck and then back up to her chin. We both stared into each other’s eyes up until I closed mine and our lips locked. In that moment in which we kissed my heart stopped beating completely and all the oxygen in my body was robbed from me. When our lips separated all the air came flowing back into my lungs accompanied by the uncontrollable desire to have another taste of Josephine. The second time around I placed both my hands on her neck and aggressively kissed her.

I pulled Josephine closer to me and kept making out with her up until oxygen was rare for the both of us. My heart was pounding almost out of my chest and my knees shaking beyond belief at that point in time. We looked deep into each other’s eyes once again. We were unaware of anything happening around us, we didn’t care anyway. I grabbed Josephine and dragged her our of the club and into the streets. I was just about to grab the strap of her white satin dress and slide it off when I heard the bus pulling up not too far from us. I took Josephine into my arms and took her aboard the midnight bus. We kept on passionately kissing as the bus drove us back to my apartment. I ran my fingers through her silky smooth hair as our lips locked and our saliva mixed. My heart was still pounding insanely inside my chest as my fingers travelled inside her bra.

“I think it’s our stop Albert,” Josephine softly whispered into my ear in her seductive voice as the bus slowly came to a half at a street corner.

I take a peek outside in the corner of my eye, yes it was our stop. The bus driver quickly glanced at us to see if we were getting out there.

“Take me to bed,” Josephine whispered to me.

I took the beautiful young woman into my arms and carried her up the stairs to my apartment. I shut the door behind me with my foot and carried Josephine into my room and laid her down on my bed. I climbed on top of her and started kissing her again. I was madly in love with a woman I had just met. We had just met but it felt like we had known each other forever. It felt like we had been full-time. I ran my fingers through her silky smooth hair as she began to pull my shirt off. She the proceeded to biting down my neck as I took her dress off.

“Don’t ever, ever leave me,” I whispered in her ear, “no, not tonight, Josephine.”

She didn’t say a word. I kept on kissing and biting her furiously as I took her bra and underwear off. At the same time she took off the rest of my clothing too. My heart was almost pounding out of my chest as her hands ran all over my body. Her nails dug into the skin of my back and my neck as I began making love to her. Her moans were the most beautiful sounds I had ever heard. I looked deep into her eyes, our gazes locked once again. I ran my fingers trough her hair and bit down on her neck. She did the same to me. I kept making love to the gorgeous young woman for hours, trashing my entire apartment as we were so wild in the process, never wanting to stop. After we had finally stopped we both lied in my bed holding each other tightly. I never wanted her to leave, my Josephine.

“Albert,” she whispered, “I need to leave.”
“No! You can’t leave!” I protested, “You can’t just leave me!”

She went to get up but I grabbed her and pulled her towards me.

“I need to go Albert! There’s somebody waiting for me!”
“Who?! Who’s waiting for you? I love you Josephine!”

She struggled to set herself free but I didn’t let her go. She was the only one for me, I loved her so much. I couldn’t let her go, no, not that night. She was my one and only love, my Josephine! My one and only love! I used force on her to pin her down on my bed and cover her mouth with my hand. We intensely looked into each other’s eyes when she finally shut her mouth and stopped protesting. I could feel my heart racing and hers too. I took my hand off her mouth and retreated from holding her down underneath me.

“Let me leave!” she shouted as she got up and ran to the other side of the room.
“No!” I yelled back, “I can’t!”
“Why not huh? Why not?!”
“You’re going to have to eat my heart before I stay here with you, you creep!”

I furiously jumped on the young woman. Who did she think she was? I pushed her against the wall and grabbed her by the wrists with one hand. She screamed and yelled for me to let her go but I covered her mouth with my free hand.

“Shut up!” I yelled back at her.

She kept on moaning for me to set her free but the more she squirmed the more force I had to use on her. I finally managed to grab a piece of clothes and tied it over her mouth so she would stop yelling. I hit her in the face with my fist, against my will, to calm her down while I ran into the closet to get some rope. I fought against her up until I got to tie her up in the bed. She laid there motionless, crying to be set free. I took one last look into her beautiful dark eyes.

“You know that if you left me it would be breaking my heart,” I whispered in her ear, “please don’t go Josephine.”

She didn’t stop fighting back. I was getting angrier by the minute so I put my hand around her neck and pinned her down even harder.

“I told you Josephine,” I yelled in between my teeth, “you can never leave me!”

I go and take out a scalpel and hold it over her face so she could clearly see it despite that the room was pitch black. Fear filled her tearful eyes one last time as I started cutting.


Liberal Muslim, social justice and human rights activist, cat lover, author and fellow human.

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