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My Quora Year In Review 2017

Earlier this year I signed up for Quora on a whim and ended up enjoying it quite a bit. I wrote 165 answers, got 32 followers and a combined total of 903 upvotes. That’s not bad for somebody who is a complete nobody and is unknown to just about the entire world. This list is my top 10 most upvoted answers on Quora this year, and the wide range of topics had made it for an interesting compilation for me to create! 😀

#10 — Is there any advice on for a PTSD survivor?

At number ten, my answer to this question got 10 upvotes. It’s not the first time I’ve answered questions about PTSD in fact. I myself was diagnosed with PTSD in 2012 and I’ve had so-so success with various different treatments. Certainly, as life progresses I will write more about this topic.

#9 — Would you rather have sex or pizza?

I picked the pizza on this one, and 12 people apparently also wanted the pizza. Me being asexual was the reason I picked the pizza but I mean seriously, you never run the chance of getting pregnant or catching an STD from eating pizza. But then again you probably won’t get food poisoning from sex either 😛


#8 — Since Stalin was ethnically Georgian and Georgians were among the ethnic groups the Nazis considered “Eastern Aryans,” would Stalin have been considered racially “pure” by the Nazis?

With two more upvotes than my asexual pizza, at 14 total upvotes, Joseph Stalin gets the 8th spot. Nazis hated communists and Bolsheviks. A person’s ethnicity wasn’t the only thing factored into whether or not a person was worthy of life so to speak under Nazi doctrine. That little tyrant with the big mustache would’ve gone to the gulag.

#7 — Can Muhammad be called the symbolic father of all evil?

Holding at 15 upvotes, another one of those Islamophobic questions on Quora. That website tends to be quite friendly to bigots of all types, including Nazis (I’ve also answered a great deal of anti-Semitic questions) and no matter how many times you actually prove them wrong, people still seem to have their heads stuck up their asses. This one got particularly awkward when the link provided with the question led to an Islamophobic page on the website of Daniel Pipes who wishes to say he does not endorse certain content yet has no qualms about putting it up there for the world to see and does nothing to counter it.

Or so it seems. Ironically on his Wikipedia page there are several quotes where he has positive things to say about Islam taken from public interviews. So which one is the real Daniel Pipes? Or maybe there are two? Muslims are not terrorists and Muhammad (pbuh) is not the symbolic father of all evil. I’ve made that clear in my answer to that very stupid question.

#6 — Is it bad to be sexually active at 13?

Yes it is! And having the most upvoted answer on the question, at 17 upvotes total, shows that people with a head on their shoulders agree. This is quite an interesting thing to contemplate though, because throughout history it was not considered too young to be sexually active at 13. The age of consent laws and similar legislation are a fairly modern phenomenon. I most certainly stand by my opinion that it’s bad to be sexually active at 13. I even think that the modern age of consent laws are often set too low. Up until just a couple of years ago you only needed to be 14 to get married in Canada.

#5 — Who was the most repentant Nazi?

At 30 upvotes, this answer was my first one to get quite a bit of attention. Nazis were not known to be repentant and in fact I can count on the fingers of one hand those whom I know of who apologized publicly. Another interesting thing about this one though, is the fact that Rudolf Höss wasn’t just some random Nazi, he was the commandant of Auschwitz and is believed to have created the largest installation for the continuous annihilation of human beings ever known.


#4 — What are some opinions of Sikh people? I have only just started discovering more about them as an American, but all the people I have spoken to say that Sikhs are trustworthy, kind, and honorable people.

Indeed they are! This question spikes in upvotes again, having 55 in total. This question actually appeared randomly in my feed and I decided to answer it on a whim. It was nice to be able to both read and say something positive about a certain group of people instead of just having to see and deal with ignorance and bigotry. ❤

# 3 — What do you get when you add “with a chainsaw” to the title of the last book you read?

Another funny and quirky question with an answer that got a total of 57 upvotes. I posted the book An Uncommon Journey which I recommend everyone here to read, and “with a chainsaw” at the end of the complete title it comes out “An Uncommon Journey: From Vienna To Shanghai To America, A Brother and Sister Escape the Nazis with a Chainsaw.” The part that I think people liked the most was “The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared With a Chainsaw.” Yep, that sounds really badass 😛


#2 — Were there any good Nazis?

Coming in at number 2 with 81 upvotes is probably my favorite of my answers. I got to tell the story of my favorite historical figure, Heinz Heydrich. I’ve posted about him before on here and a few more times on Quora as well, but that answer is the only one that got any notable attention. For those of you who do not know the story of Heinz Heydrich, in short he was a Nazi who saved Jews. He helped many Jews escape the Holocaust and yes, he was also the little brother of the evil Gestapo chief Reinhard Heydrich. It’s crazy how different two brothers can be.


#1 — Can you show me a picture of your cat?

Stealing the show with 86 upvotes, my cat Squeaker wins my 2017 Quora year in review. People like cats more than pizza and good Nazis but hey I’m not going to complain because I’m indeed a crazy cat lady myself. Below are the original photos I posted in my answer. Squeaker is indeed the best buddy I ever could have asked for!

I will be back on Quora in 2018 once again to talk about cats, Nazis, pizza and sex. 😛 Happy New Year everyone! I will see you all next year! 😉


Liberal Muslim, social justice and human rights activist, cat lover, author and fellow human.

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