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Sectarian Hatred Within Islam

Happy New Year 2018 everyone! 🙂 I know I haven’t posted much about Islam in recent months, and not to worry, it’s not at all because I am less Muslim or losing faith or whatever. In fact, I haven’t had much to say about anything in recent months. Donald Trump doesn’t get under my skin anymore, Islamophobia doesn’t irk me anymore. I suppose I’ve gotten desensitized, or perhaps just used to it, but here I want to touch on another issue that plagues the Muslim community but is not as talked about as other types of anti-Muslim hatred.

I’m talking about sectarian hatred, particularly that Sunni vs. Shia crap that people never seem to get over. Just two days ago I basically lost all respect for a Sunni comrade after some absolutely disgusting derogatory comments towards Shias. I honestly don’t see how you can get people to want to be part of your oh-so-perfect-and-righteous version of Islam when that’s how you treat them. When you discriminate others it says much more about you and your cold dark heart than about the person you are putting down. Apparently he and I do not worship the same God. I worship the One who is All Merciful and All Forgiving. I do not care who you discriminate or why, you have a disgusting soul. End of story.

Although discrimination takes on many forms and goes both ways, it seems to be more common that the Sunnis put down the Shias, much like what I recently witnessed. Of course not everyone does this, and your average Sunni isn’t a person with a hate-filled heart nor do I think badly of them in general, but I thought it was important nonetheless to share this article from The Muslim Vibe to show people that we, “the other,” are not evil infidels.

In all fairness, many Shia Muslims are also people with hate-filled hearts towards Sunnis and other Muslim groups, and this video shows both sides of the disgusting issue or sectarian hate with Islam. Every group does much to combat Islamophobia coming from the outside or even interfaith relations with the People of the Book but how many of us actually do anything to foster good relations with other groups of our own faith?

Before becoming a Muslim I was a Christian and one thing I found absolutely disgusting about the church I went to was the constant bashing of Catholics and Jehovah’s Witnesses, whom I’ve later learned were much nicer people that the group I belonged to. When I converted to Islam I believed in One Ummah, and I still do, but obviously we still have a long way to do because my experiences up to this point aren’t much different than my experiences in that church.

When I see things like this I sincerely don’t blame those who do not want to have anything to do with God or religion with people who claim to follow the One who is endlessly gracious and loving behave like this towards each other. People with small brains and big mouths will never undo my love for God and my positive relationship with Him, but I have no trouble understanding why others and put off by it. Isn’t there enough hatred in the world without all of this?

God help us.


Liberal Muslim, social justice and human rights activist, cat lover, author and fellow human.

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