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The Distant Factory — Chapter Seventeen

The crickets were singing their gloomy song and the stars were shining over a part of the roof that had collapsed. It was just me and my sorrows. I had been inside a freaking broken metal pillar for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours. It was freezing cold out there and I was exhausted. I was home yet I was alone there. All of my guys had long since gone from the factory lot. I didn’t know why I was still holding on to the false notion that there was hope for me out there. The fraudulent hope that Dwayne Jackson was going to show up and that I was going to kill him. I contemplated the reasons why he murdered my brother but just like the three previous years before that, I couldn’t come up with anything. Because there wasn’t anything to come up with. Maybe I should have just waited for Damian after all.

As I was about to bow my head down low, I heard a vehicle approaching in the distance. It was either Dwayne or the police. In that moment every sound around me dissipated never to return again, because I couldn’t focus on anything else. The water stopped flowing. The wind stopped blowing. It was nothing other than a vehicle approaching in the distance. As much as I would have loved to jump out of the shadows and engage in a full-fledged battle with whoever was coming my way, I gave it everything I had to stay in the shadows and wait. I gave it everything I had and everything I had was bad. Both my body and my mind were exhausted at at the end of the line but I gave it one last push to at least go out like a warrior if it was going to come down to that. There was really only one way to find out.

The tires came to a halt near the east side of the factory. I heard a door open, and then that same door shut a few seconds later. If there had been more that one person in the vehicle, only one of them came out. A sole set of footprints walked around in the dirt slowly, seemingly to survey the surroundings, before I heard those same footsteps step onto the metal flooring. I was no longer alone. I wanted to badly to jump out of the shadows and surprise that person but I stayed put for just a little while longer. Preferably, I could get that person from behind when they would least be expecting it. I bit my bottom lip and waited a few more seconds, listening to every single sound I could pick up the sound of my heartbeat sounded like an atomic bomb on top of all the gentle sounds of the night.

“I brought you your money!” Dwayne Jackson shouted in an annoyed tone of voice.

He had really come!

“Son of a bitch,” he rambled on angrily, “stood me up!”
“No, I didn’t,” I muttered as I stepped out of my hiding place to where he was standing.

I didn’t know who he been expecting to see, but he hadn’t been expecting me.

“Anastasia,” his voice was barely audible as the duffel bag he had been carrying dropped to the ground.
“There is a time to stay in the shadows,” I spoke in complete apprehension as I took out my handgun, “and a time to step out.”

And I pulled the trigger. The bang echoed everywhere to the point that my ears were ringing. After a few moments I had to remind myself to breathe because the mission was finally over.

“That was for Jeff you son of a bitch! He was innocent!”


Liberal Muslim, social justice and human rights activist, cat lover, author and fellow human.

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