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Free Book Reviews For Fellow Indie Authors


Hello fellow writers! This post is for the thousands upon thousands of other independent authors like me on there fighting their way through oceans of new books every day and wanting readers to get their hands on their unique quality material. I know that the biggest struggle is probably getting book reviews and paying for a review is often overpriced and you’re not guaranteed a good one either.

I won’t promise you a good one but I can give you an honest one from the perspective of a fellow writer, just like you. I’m happy to officially roll out my free indie book review service for fellow writers! Click here to get started!

This service is extremely new hence I don’t have a big audience at the moment but every book blogger has to start somewhere. Reviews will be posted on Amazon (USA & Canada only), Twitter, Goodreads, and my book blogs on LiveJournal and Quora respectively. Particularly good books might get more exposure at my discretion and get posted on other of my many social media pages.


Liberal Muslim, social justice and human rights activist, cat lover, author and fellow human.

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