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Whether Armenia, the Nazis or Isis – if you’re going to commit genocide, you can’t do it without the help of local people

Such an important topic. As a human rights student I find insane how it’s really just average people who turn into war criminals…

The Muslim Times

This is not something new – but it is something we too often forget

How do you organise a successful genocide – in Turkish Armenia a century ago, in Nazi-occupied Europe in the 1940s, or in the Middle East today? A remarkable investigation by a young Harvard scholar – focusing on the slaughter of Armenians in a single Turkish Ottoman city 103 years ago – suggests the answer is simple: a genocidal government must have the local support of every branch of respectable society: tax officials, judges, magistrates, junior police officers, clergymen, lawyers, bankers and, most painfully, the neighbours of the victims.

Umit Kurt’s detailed paper on the slaughter of the Armenians of Antep in southern Turkey in 1915, which appears in the latest edition of the Journal of Genocide Research, concentrates…

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I’m sure that you’ve already seen it on the homepage of my author website, but I’ve also already started my next project called After Anderson. I’ll post a formal announcement about it later because right now the spotlight is on my first young adult novel that is sure to be a great lighthearted read for both the young and old alike!