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Don’t Let Me Go Has Landed!

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You’ve all been waiting for it for the last three months and it has finally arrived! Don’t Let Me Go has hit the market as is available for all you YA fans out there! The book actually launched two days ago but life has sort of a way to disrupt your plans sometimes, like sending me on an emergency visit to the dentist and then running for the hills (the basement actually) because of a tornado warning! That wasn’t exactly how I’d planned to spend release day, but all turned out just fine at the end of the day!


Don’t Let Me Go is also available in an expanded edition containing a variety of bonus materials. This edition is paperback only but the regular edition is available in ebook (for a special launch price of only $0.99 for a limited time), paperback and the audiobook will follow soon. My producer needed some more time to complete the project so I’m not expecting the audiobook until next month but don’t worry, I’ll all let you know when it comes out and how to get a code to listen to it for free!


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