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A Short Hiatus

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Hello friends and fans! Haven’t heard from me lately? Don’t worry, I’m not dead and I haven’t quit writing, but life has been a little insane and I had no other choice but to put this on the backburner for the time being. The first of these reasons is that the Ottawa region was hit with six tornadoes just over a week ago, including an EF2 that wrecked havoc in my area. Life is slowly getting back to normal but I have a lot to catch up on, including missed classes and whatnot, so I’ll have no choice but to lay low until everything gets sorted out.


Despite everything that’s happened, the book review service remains open to requests as usual but expect delays with my classes and my backlog of other tasks to finish, on top of Canada Post threatening yet another strike, but if you’re in no hurry please don’t hesitate to send your books my way! I am always happy to help out other indie authors!

Everything is also still on track for After Anderson to come out in April 2019. I’m actually really looking forward to participating in NaNoWriMo next month and hopefully have the first draft finished by the end of the year. Until we cross paths again, don’t hesitate to hit the email button on this website if you want to get in touch. It might take me a while to reply but I always do!