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I am very happy to announce that I am now a published author! This has been my lifelong dream and it finally came true in 2018! ❤ Below is a list of my published books and a few links where to buy them or download a preview. Please log on to my official website for additional information. 😀

Note that all of my paid books are available in paperback, ebook as well as audiobook from most major online retailers. You will not find them on store shelves, but bookstores will probably be able to special order it for you upon request. On this page I only list major retailers but my work is available from many other places. Simply search by title, author name or keyword from your favorite retailer to buy my books elsewhere.


Innermost: Poems From My Soul

Innermost is a collection of both free verse and fixed verse poetry written over a period of half a decade about every emotion felt inside the human heart. These poems will transport you to a whole other world within the innermost depths of the human soul.


Free eBook Downloads

Here are a handful of PDF books that you can download and read for free. It’s not just a sample, it’s the entire book. There’s no catch, I promise! I mean, who doesn’t love free stuff, right? If you enjoy these free stories I humbly ask that you help support my writing career by purchasing one of my paid books. Please visit my website for more information and additional content. 🙂


Verses Undone

Take a roller coaster ride inside of the human heart with this short collection of 15 poems dealing with everything from love and romance to death to anger to friendship and beyond. Written in both free verse and fixed verse format, these poems will not only touch your emotions but they will also motivate you think deeper.


You can get this title from:

Please download the PDF file for the best reading experience on any device! 🙂

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