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LiveJournal: Bogus Thoughts | April 13th 2017

Since I’ve decided to clear my LiveJournal page and didn’t want to permanently delete all of the entries, I’ve decided to post them here in order to preserve them. I’ve kept them completely intact, in case somebody needs entertainment and stumbles upon them 😛

Date originally posted: April 13th 2017 (9:16 p.m.)

Mood: apathetic

I’ll say it right off the bat… I have no clue what I’m doing here. I guess maybe I’m looking for an outlet, a personal space to share my deepest inner thoughts away from my social issues rants on WordPress and my obsession with 20th century history on Tumblr, among other things. I’ve become rather disillusioned with writing pen to paper because these endless journals only seem to pile up and gather dust under my bed or somewhere else in my room. At least here I’ll be able to discover something new and interesting every day, and maybe somebody will even think the same about my own profile. Yeah, I guess that’s what I’m doing here.

I also wanna practice writing because I aspire to publish a book someday. I’ve already decided to go ahead with CreateSpace as I’ve heard nothing but positive comments from some of my author friends who have published with them. I also have two great ideas for two separate novels. Really, I only need to get a move on with it. Staying motivated to expand my creativity is probably the hardest part because I’ve been struggling with my emotions and when this happens I would just rather bury them deep inside of me. I know, I know that’s not good, but it’s exceptionally hard for me to do it any other way.

I also hesitate to open up to others because most of the time all they do is invalidate my emotions and do me more harm than good. Growing up I was never allowed to express myself. I was not allowed to cry, to complain or even to ask for help. I know that has contributed a lot to how I am today with not being able (or wanting) to open up to other people. I also hope that coming here will help me with that down the line. I know I’ll need to get out of my asocial comfort zone if I’m going to be an author. I suppose that this is the first step. I suppose that the most I can do is see where this goes.

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A Series On Zaidism

I’ve set up a series of articles to automatically post during the next two weeks as well as for a couple more weeks next month and also in October. They are all about the Zaidi sect of Shia Islam where I draw most of my inspiration from. These articles have not been written by me though, I came across them in a now inactive blog (all of my posts have links to the originals) and I was hoping to revive the interest in them considering their popularity at the time.

With that said, I will also be absent for a good chunk of that time but I will be returning in November with a bunch of other things to write about. I look forward to be around y’all again then, as I’ve seen that my pageviews have spiked over the last couple of months 🙂

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It’s For You To Know That You Forgive

I’ve posted about forgiveness across different religions and traditions many times before but after seeing this story while researching the Holocaust for a book, I felt compelled to share it. The Scriptures have commanded us to forgive since the beginning of Judaism and science backs up the benefits of forgiveness on a person’s health and well being too. Now read this story for yourself and be inspired ❤

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Some Things I Wanted To Share (Part 3 of 3)

I also wanted to add this one but for some reason it would only say ‘error’ when I tried to add it. I hope that these little things have enlightened you, or at least reminded you of important things that many Muslims seem to have forgotten.

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Some Things I Wanted To Share (Part 2 of 3)

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Some Things I Wanted To Share (Part 1 of 3)

I’ve been browsing Tumblr quite a bit recently and I came across a couple of things that I wanted to share here just for the sake of sharing. These things aren’t in any particular order but I believe they are self-explanatory and I also believe that people need to be reminded of some of these things. I hope you enjoy them the same way I did, and if you’re also on Tumblr please stop by and say hello! 🙂

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The Links Are Corrupt — My Apologies!

Yesterday I wrote a post about tattoos which links to another post about the same topic that I’d written previously but did not notice until now that one Tumblr link in it had become corrupt since I changed the name of the blog. I can imagine that this has happened in other sections of the website as well but right now I really don’t have the time to look through absolutely everything and update it all so I’m going to give you a quick and easy solution on how to make the content reappear.

The corrupt links that still wear the previous name of the blog show up as this:

What should be a Tumblr module that shows up is nothing more than a link to the error page now. The solution is simple: replace my old username with the new one, so where it says nomorehurtingpeoplepeace replace it instead with keepyourgoodheart which is my new username. Nothing else in the link changes, aside from the username everything else is still the same.

Try it for yourself right now! Click on the corrupt link above and replace the username. Previously you got this page, and with the new username in the link you’ll get this page. The module that vanished should actually look like this here on WordPress:

I suppose that eventually I’ll have to manually change these broken links but for the moment anybody reading my blog who comes across one should use this method to access the disappeared content, because it hasn’t really disappeared 🙂

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One More New Look

How do you like the new look of the blog? I’m really not good when it comes to web design but I think that this looks really great! 😀 I managed to delete all the widgets on the side when I switched themes (I have no idea how that happened) but thankfully I knew to always back up my stuff online because the internet is static and I’ve already lost much in the past.

In school I took graphic design (Photoshop, etc.) but web design was not part of that program. Thankfully WordPress has pre-made themes that are easy to customize even for someone like me who has to go by trial and error until it looks about right. I don’t know how my previous posts will look with this new theme now but I feel even more comfortable with this blog now with its new look and new name. I’m gonna have to update my Tumblr and Twitter pages in the near future and see how those turn out.


I’m not overly happy with my LiveJournal page though. I knew that the server had been moved to Russia (and we know what that government does) but I was really disappointed with how the community deteriorated since then compared to what it was like back when I was still in school. Now LGBT and political content violates the terms of use, and just the picture I posted above which I found on Tumblr would probably get me banned. If I lived in Russia it might even get me in legal trouble!

It’s crazy because here in Canada I’m so accustomed to being able to say, do and post almost whatever I want without fear of repercussion (aside from offending small-minded people) and now with LiveJournal’s new policies posting curse words is a violation. What the hell is the deal with internet censorship and freedom of speech?! That page was really just for me to dump my mental garbage that I didn’t want here but now I might seek to go elsewhere honestly. No, I’m not gonna delete the page but it may not be as great as I’d imagined it would be.

And I’m sure happy to live in the country that I do because I probably wouldn’t be able to survive in a place other than this. Now let’s go back to posting my regular stuff on here and seeing what else I can do with this new theme.


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My LiveJournal Account

You know you’re old school if you remember the glory days of LiveJournal back when it ruled the internet, yep that was before Facebook and Twitter and all the new ones that come out periodically these days. I remember that site from school almost a decade ago, it was the only one that wasn’t blocked back then. When Google+ really took off that wasn’t blocked either and we ended up all migrating there but I decided to go back to basics and I joined LiveJournal today.

Why do I need a second blog? After all, I have this one and I also have Tumblr for blogging, but I’m seeking a more diary-type platform for certain things. This here was originally started as a social issues blog but it has turned into a jumbled up mix of just about everything and I have no intentions of changing that whatsoever, but there’s some stuff I just want separate. It’s not private, it’s out there for the world to read, even for the Russian government to spy on, but I want that mundane and depressing stuff away from this here. This here is passionate and political Meela, my LiveJournal will be deep dark inner thoughts Meela.

Real humanity presents a mixture of all that is most sublime and beautiful with all that is vilest and most monstrous in the world. ~Mikhail Bakunin

The two Meelas are perfectly complimentary, but I would feel more comfortable keeping them separate on the web. It’s more convenient and comfortable for me too. For now let’s see where it goes… I also need to get my ass to writing my About page for this blog… I’ve been on here almost a year now so I might as well get to it.

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Islam & Cats (Part 3 of 3)

If the Prophet, his companions and Muslims since the beginning of Islam loved cats, it should come as no surprise that another group loves them too: yup, ISIS fighters. I absolutely detest what these people do to the entire human race, they are not the face of Islam and a true Muslim would never engage in acts of terrorism, this post isn’t about the condemnation of violence, it’s about the love of cats. So what the hell, terrorists love cats too. They even have a Twitter account about their love of cats too!


Contrary to terrorists and their epic failure when it comes to human rights, Islam both emphasizes human rights and animal rights. Even unclean animals like pigs are to be treated with kindness and in a humane way. Whether it’s a beloved cat or an unclean creature, Islam is irrefutably against animal cruelty in all forms and circumstances.


The Ancient Egyptians, Muslims and terrorists aren’t the only ones who are crazy about cats though. Japanese people have had a long relationship with cats. More than 1000 years ago, people in the upper class were already living with cats. Common people also started having pet cats at home several hundred years ago and Japanese people have been involved with cats in a variety of ways since then. There are shrines that worship cats as gods (sounds familiar?) across Japan and cats have also played a part in folk beliefs through the ages.

The extent to which Japanese people have been involved with cats is evident from the volume of artworks that depict cats as the main subject. In the Edo period (1603-1868), Ukiyoe virtuosos Hiroshige Utagawa and Kuniyoshi Utagawa painted cats, and in the Meiji period (1868-1912), the great novelist Soseki Natsume wrote the novel “I Am a Cat”, which became a famous masterpiece of Japanese literature. Even nowadays you can find examples, such as the famous character “Hello Kitty” the cute anthropomorphic cat, and “Krocchi” a stray cat character that has recently started to become popular. Cats have been loved by Japanese people through the ages.

Aoshima Island in Shikoku area is also known as a cat island. The catch-phrase of this island is “15 residents and 100 cats, the cat paradise”. They say that 10 years ago when the population of the island went below 50, the number of cats started to increase. The biggest appeal of Aoshima Island is that you can have an extremely close contact with cats. The island has recently become increasingly popular as a tourist spot, especially among cat lovers. Of course, you can also see cats in the city. In Yanaka, a cat town in Tokyo reasonably close to Ueno Park, you can see cats living freely in the city. If you get some spare time during your trip, why not experience a “Cat Café”? Cat Cafés are cafés where you can spend time playing with a variety of cats.


Look at a slideshow of Japan’s obsession with cats. In Islam it’s also believed that animals can hear the voices of those in the grave. Others go as far as saying that animals can also see spirits such as angels or jinn but this account is disputed. Considering they can hear the voices of the departed, it wouldn’t surprise me if they were in tune with other spiritual beings too considering that animals are often said to have that “sixth sense” that lets them in on things that we humans cannot see or perceive.


We can also agree that the entire internet is in love with cats. According to Wikipedia, the cultural love of cats has been around for more than 9500 years and has transcended all cultures and eras. In Catholicism, Saint Gertrude is said to be quite the cat lady. In light of the fact that Catholics believe that saints can intercede for them, this is a cute and funny little prayer to Saint Gertrude about cats:

St. Gertrude of Nivelles, ask you I pray
Safeguard my kitties this and each day.
Defend them from those who might wish them harm.
Keep them at home safe from danger and storm.
Instill in me wisdom to care for them well.
Pray, fill me with strength never to yell.
And Gertrude, a last thing I beseech from thee,
Protect my sofa from claws and my carpets from pee.


Some modern day famous internet cats include, among many others, Lil Bub and Grumpy Cat, but also the beloved animated Pusheen. I have four Pusheen plush toys with me in my bed, a classic grey one, a white one, a black one and a pink one. AliExpress will show you in a rainbow of other colors too. It’s obvious that no matter who you are or which religion or culture you’re a part of, cats are sweet and adorable little creatures that unite us in love (heck, even the terrorists have a soft spot for them) and joy for God’s beautiful creation and a faithful companion. I know from personal experience that sharing your house with a cat is a great blessing.

I hope that you have all enjoyed my mini series on cats not only in Islam, but in cultures around the globe and through the ages. Please do share your love of cats and your stories of sharing your life with them! 🙂