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The Links Are Corrupt — My Apologies!

Yesterday I wrote a post about tattoos which links to another post about the same topic that I’d written previously but did not notice until now that one Tumblr link in it had become corrupt since I changed the name of the blog. I can imagine that this has happened in other sections of the website as well but right now I really don’t have the time to look through absolutely everything and update it all so I’m going to give you a quick and easy solution on how to make the content reappear.

The corrupt links that still wear the previous name of the blog show up as this:

What should be a Tumblr module that shows up is nothing more than a link to the error page now. The solution is simple: replace my old username with the new one, so where it says nomorehurtingpeoplepeace replace it instead with keepyourgoodheart which is my new username. Nothing else in the link changes, aside from the username everything else is still the same.

Try it for yourself right now! Click on the corrupt link above and replace the username. Previously you got this page, and with the new username in the link you’ll get this page. The module that vanished should actually look like this here on WordPress:

I suppose that eventually I’ll have to manually change these broken links but for the moment anybody reading my blog who comes across one should use this method to access the disappeared content, because it hasn’t really disappeared 🙂

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Sunflower 2011

Scan_20160608 (11)

I’ve just unearthed a photo of the other sunflower card from the Canada Post 2011 postage paid postcard. These seem to be discontinued and unavailable from their online shop but a couple of people uploaded scans of theirs online. I’ve noticed that Tumblr is a popular destination for postcard blogs so I might be looking into that in the future too.

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Hydrangea 2016


I finally found the newest Canada Post postage-paid postcards including the beautiful hydrangeas and even the little insects on the leaves! Unfortunately they seem to be sold out online! It’s also a shame about the situation with Canada Post right now. I remember when something similar happened back in 2011 but back then I didn’t care too much. Nowadays I’m kinda worried if the buyer protection on my last hijab purchase will run out before I get it, not knowing where it’s really stuck in the postal system right now.

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I Love Postcards


One thing everyone who knows me knows about me is that I love snail mail. In fact, I adore it! As I was digging through my room earlier in the week, I unearthed a box of probably 300+ postcards. I especially enjoy the postage paid ones from Canada Post, more specifically their yearly flower collection. The sunflower above is one of the sunflowers from 2011, with hydrangeas being the official flowers of 2016.

All over the web there are postcard exchange programs and postcard penpal initiatives but Postcrossing is probably the most popular. There is also PostcardHub that is similar and penpal websites such as Global Penfriends where you can specifically request a postcard pal from almost anywhere in the world. The internet definitely makes way for postcard lovers like me to meet people with similar interests and keep the chain of snail mail going.

As I progressively work to get this blog going I’m most certainly going to share my postcard findings on it now that I’ve unearthed a box full of treasures. My postcard adventure is just beginning! Stay tuned for more 🙂