You can contact me through my listed social media pages but alternatively you can still reach me by email by filling out the following form. You may write in French, English or Russian.

You’re also welcomed to ask me questions asking my personal opinion on matters of life, faith and more but please read the disclaimer page first. I always recommend consulting a trusted and qualified professional, lawyer, spiritual leader, or whatever else you’re in need of in your community for your questions on important matters and to look at several perspectives on the same issue before making up your mind.

If you want to submit a topic for me to write a post about I would be very happy to expand my knowledge and I will get to it in a timely manner. I can also share with you my thoughts in private but I am not a counselor or social worker of any type. If you are in crisis please call your local emergency number or crisis helpline immediately. Alternatively you can ask me questions through my Tumblr page. Please check the archives in case I’ve already written about your your topic but as a last resort I can always do a follow up post.

Please note that I reserve the right to not answer certain questions. Please do not send feedback, compliments and other such comments through this form. Post them in the replies section of any published page instead!


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