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Seeking Don’t Let Me Go Audible Audiobook Reviewers

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Hello friends and fans! As you’ve probably already read in the email blast that I’ve sent out earlier today, the audiobook edition of my most recent novel Don’t Let Me Go was released yesterday! My producer ran into a few hiccups that delayed production for two additional weeks but nonetheless the final product sounds great! Katie’s (my narrator) sounds just like I’d imagined Joanie would!
Here’s the best part about audiobook releases: giving away free copies! ACX, the production platform I use, gives authors and producers a bunch of free download codes to generate buzz and get reviews, and I want to give some to you! The codes are for the US and UK Audible websites, you do not have to be a paying member to redeem them and there is absolutely zero charge. You get to keep the audiobook forever too!
All you need to do to request a code is send in this form and I will forward you the code, instructions on how to redeem it and the download link by email. I also have a handful of codes left over from my previous book Innermost that I will gladly send as well (and yes you can have both, just say so) but only US codes are available.
In exchange for these codes I would love to have a customer review posted to Goodreads, Amazon and/or Audible along with any other platform of your choice such as your blog, etc. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to let me know! Happy listening!


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